Why did you decide to try Essentrics®? “I was invited by a friend. For exercise, I was only walking. I wanted something more, and I wanted the accountability of a class.” What keeps you coming to Essentrics® class? “Accountability and the physical benefits. My posture has improved. I feel relaxed, stronger and more energetic.” How is Essentrics® different from other exercise programs that you have done? “It’s easier on my joints. It’s not about straining to the max. It’s about being thoughtful with your movements, connecting your brain to your body.” What tips would you give someone just starting Essentrics®? “Just keep coming! I started out just going once a week. When I started coming twice a week, I gained momentum and really started to see the benefits.” Anything else you would like to add?  “The “Can Do” Challenge has motivated me to work Essentrics® into my daily life and not just do it at class. I am eager to see the difference that will make.” —K. Ellsperman

What motivates you to get up early every morning to do Essentrics®? “I feel better. I can move freely without any pain or stiffness. My posture has improved and I am in the best shape I have been in for a long time.” How is Essentrics® different from other exercise programs you have done? “It’s the movements. Constantly moving while strengthening and stretching feels good while you’re doing it and lasts all throughout the day. I feel healthy and youthful!” What tips would you give someone just starting? “Try Season 12. Do what feels right for you. Then gradually try it all. As you ease into it you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can do.”—B. Mackey

“After a week of long daily riding in the car on vacation, my hips hurt constantly. Then with just one Essentrics class I was pain free!”—Janelle

” I absolutely love Essentrics with Karen. I give it a 10+!!!”Barb

“Essentrics makes me feel energized!” —Jannyne

Nothing I have every tried before makes me feel as good as Essentrics.” —Judy

“Started out with 1 class per week then increased to 2 classes per week. WOW! I’m beginning to see real change in my body from Essentrics (posture, joints, over-all shape, strength & energy). Thank you Karen! Your knowledge and style inspires me.”—Kim 

“I really enjoy Essentrics Aging Backwards! I love the variety of standing, floor and chair. I also like it when Karen tells us what area the movements are working and how that helps us! Karen is a great instructor!” —Linda 

“I met Karen attending her yoga class several years ago. I was excited when Karen decided to became a Certified Essentrics Instructor. Karen teaches Essentrics with enthusiasm for the program and a focus on student safety.   Following the simple sequences of the Essentrics program with Karen, I’ve seen an improvement in my overall balance, posture, & joint mobility.”—Marty

Thank you Karen Mackey for using your gift of teaching Essentrics to help me get healthier!” —Shannon

“Essentrics has been a great and gentle antidote to a desk job. It sounds counter intuitive but it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything and results are FAST. An added bonus, Karen is an awesome instructor.” —Denise

“I was only somewhat familiar with Essentrics prior to starting classes with Karen. I have learned there are so many benefits. I appreciate that much of the focus is on my capabilities and needs in class. If I have a sore shoulder, for example, Karen will let me know how to modify moves so that I benefit from class without further aggravation to the painful shoulder. I always feel stronger and more flexible after I have done and Essentrics class.” —Virginia

“Essentrics has helped ease my chronic shoulder pain and allowed me greater freedom of movement. It has also helped improve my golf game because I am more flexible, especially in my low back. In general, Essentrics helps me feel better all over, from my hands to my feet.” Brian

“Essentrics offers a hopeful alternative for the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain. Essentrics uses simple exercise techniques that can gently interrupt and reverse the cycle of pain and physical deterioration. The beauty of the program is its balance of stretching and strengthening every part of the body from the fingers to the toes  It leaves no stone unturned as every part of the body gets attention, and restores harmony as it brings the body back in tune with itself. In my personal experience of Essentirics, I have become noticeably stronger and more flexible. My chronic pain is now gone. We are fortunate to have this treasure, and it is up to each of us to make use of it.”

—Helene M. Langevin, MD, Professor in Residence of Medecine, Harvard Medical School. (Excerpt: Foreward, Forever Painless by Miranda Esmonde-White, p. ix)