Full Body Rebalancing

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Full body rebalancing. Head to toe and everything in-between. Safely rebalancing the whole body is the cornerstone of Essentrics®. A balanced body works in perfect harmony, full of energy, and pain free. Every Essentrics® workout is designed to balance the entire musculoskeletal system, while intentionally engaging the neurological system. The full body sequences directly stimulate the circulatory, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems enhancing overall health and improving the quality of your life.

Essentrics® does not look at the body as individual unrelated parts but as one whole unit made up of interdependent parts. All the parts of the body are connected unifying the entire body. Essentrics® is comprised of flowing movements done in a specific sequence to work through all the muscles chains. To make sure every muscle is equally flexible and strong, Essentrics® utilizes natural circular motions, isolated and full body movements, and an equal amount of short and long levers. The entire musculoskeletal system is engaged during every workout, whether it is twenty minutes or an hour.

The organic nature of the Essentrics® program helps you safely and effectively gain and maintain balanced strength and flexibility.  The best approach is to do a variety of movements to engage all of your muscles every time you exercise. Each Essentrics® workout is scientifically designed to release and rebalance the entire body while developing lean, strong and flexible muscles. Enjoy vitality that lasts a lifetime with Essentrics!

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Unlock Your Body And Go For The Gusto!

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Essentrics® exercises are based on techniques that work to enhance the natural movements of the body. This full-body program is comprised of flowing movements done in a specific sequence to work through all the muscles chains, liberating the muscles, relaxing the joints, and allowing you to move with ease. Releasing tension while slowly moving is one of the most powerful ways to gently and rapidly increase flexibility and strength. Essentrics® deliberate relaxed movements can empower muscles, unlock long-standing knots, and rebuild mobility into stiffened joints.

Essentrics® Neuromuscular Techniques are aimed at gently harmonizing muscle flexibility and strength with safe, smooth, relaxed movements. Essentrics® emphasis on releasing tension while performing whole-body movements allows you to reawaken cells, replenish tissues, restore joint health, rebuild lost strength, revive energy, and remain sustainably pain-free without depending on drugs or expensive medical treatments. The more you relax the more capable you will be of bending, twisting, turning and reaching, and the stronger you will become and the younger you will feel.

Each Essentrics® exercise is an intricate interplay between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and is designed to follow the body’s natural flow. The organic nature of these Essentrics® movements help you safely maximize range of motion and effectively gain balanced strength and flexibility. The whole body working together in harmony helps you move freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, with energy and vigor for life. Unlock your body and go for the gusto with Essentrics®.

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Stress Less

Stress less! Essentrics® is ideal for those overwhelmed by stress. It can help you release tension, rebalance strength and flexibility, and restore harmony throughout your body. Full body exercise is the secret to maintaining freedom of movement and quality of life. The healing benefits of Essentrics® are powerful.

Stress forces your body to contract, internally tightening your muscles, reducing blood flow, and impeding the normal function of vital organs. By using each and every muscle, the Essentrics® program relieves stress, improves circulation, aids in digestion, and boosts your overall mood. Flowing relaxed movements allow you to move with ease, coordination, and total freedom.

Relaxing while moving your body has powerful healing benefits. Relaxation is essential to Essentrics®. Specific neuromuscular techniques are used to release tension and liberate tight muscles everywhere in your body gently harmonizing muscle flexibility and strength. This is one of the major reasons Essentrics® is so beneficial for your physical health, and your mental well-being.

Stress less. Release tension, rebalance strength and flexibility, and restore harmony throughout your body with Essentrics®.

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I Passed Level !

JOY! Essentrics® has put the pep back in my step! A few years ago, I was feeling frumpy, fatigued, achy and stiff. Exercise seemed unappealing and ineffective. Then a friend of mine  introduced me to Miranda Esmonde-White and Essentrics® Aging Backwards.

In just a few weeks, I had a new outlook on life. I felt energetic and eager to exercise. I was no longer held captive by the “so-called” inevitable results of aging. My aches and pains were gone and I moved easily without constraint. Essentrics® set me free!

I will be 60 this year, and now as an Essentrics® Certified Instructor Level 4 with honors, I look forward to sharing this liberating program with as many people as possible. Each season of life has it’s own challenges but every day is a gift, a chance to thrive not just survive. Choose to live your life to the fullest! Discover what Essentrics® can do for you!

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Fit for life!

Go Red! Get Fit! Feel 10 years younger! Look 10 pounds lighter! Stay healthy and fit for life with Essentrics®! #GoRedGetFit is the American Heart Association’s initiative to provide a motivating and supportive environment for women who want to be healthy and fit for life. Essentrics® can help people of all ages be healthy and fit, look good and feel great!

Essentrics® combination of strengthening and stretching creates a pumping action that engages the full musculature of the body in the work of circulation, thus easing the work of the heart by decreasing both blood pressure and resting heart rate. In every aspect of Essentrics® the circulation of blood is being addressed through specific techniques and movements. This zero-impact cardiovascular program helps keep all the cells of the body replenished, revitalized and full of oxygen.


Good circulation is one reason Essentrics® is a successful anti-aging program that helps you feel younger and look lighter. Essentrics® full body movements stimulate blood flow throughout your body, delivering life-giving nutrients while removing waste products. Better circulation improves the quality of your skin, enhances brain function, elevates mood, increases energy, relieves chronic pain, and helps you accelerate and maintain weight loss. Feel younger! Look lighter! Stay healthy and fit for life with Essentrics!

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