Natural Movements


Airplane Sequence! The arms are the wings of an airplane, when one drops down the other raises upward. This Essentrics Signature Sequence uses fluid rotation of the spine to liberate and strengthen the core muscles of the body. The arms are used as levers to rebalance the full musculature of the spine relieving back pain, improving posture, toning the waist, and increasing speed and power in movement.

All Essentrics workouts are designed to rebalance the full body with equal amounts of strength and flexibility. The exercises follow the natural chains of the muscles in continuous circular and rotational movements. The Essentrics full-body approach helps broaden the range of motion within each and every joint.

Rotating a joint in the middle of a stretch activates surrounding muscles that tend to get ignored in standard static stretching. This activation balances the joint, relieves pain and prevents injury. The whole body working together in harmony helps us move freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, with energy and vigor for life.


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Chair Fun!

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The chair, a tool or a toy? It is useful, and fun. A solid chair is a very effective tool for stretching and strengthening, and is also essential for truly enjoying the full Essentrics experience. It offers a unique form of lever stretch with two points of stabilization, the floor and the chair. The chair (and floor) acts as a stabilizer giving the arms and legs support and something to push against. It helps you release tension and locked muscles with a few simple feel good movements.

The Essentrics leg on the chair exercises are popular with people who suffer from back pain as well as athletes and everyone in-between. They are designed to rebalance the entire hip region. The depth of the stretch is adjusted by the movement and angle of the hips, the arm positions, and the techniques used. The arms are used as levers to stretch, strengthen, and rebalance the muscles. Leg on the chair exercises safely and rapidly tone and slenderize the muscles, improve flexibility, and increase a general feeling of well-being.

Essentrics spine exercises using a chair are excellent for the full torso, opening the chest, improving posture, preventing spinal arthritis, and relieving back and shoulder pain,. They offer a different range of motion than the free standing and floor work spine exercises. The weight of the body is supported by the chair allowing the muscles to relax into a deeper stretch, helping you to release long standing stiffness, rebalance muscle groups, and decompress your spine. Essentrics Chair Sequences can help you look good and feel great! Try it for yourself! Contact Essentrics With Karen today!

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