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Family Fun!

Essentrics®! Fun for the whole family! As seen here, my daughter and granddaughter, both enjoy doing Essentrics® together. Modeling a healthy lifestyle helps kids to get healthy and stay healthy throughout their entire lives. Regardless of age or fitness level, Essentrics® can help make exercise fun for the whole family.

Windmills, swans, pianos, donkeys, bow and arrows, and on and on, imagery is a valuable tool used in every Essentrics® workout. Imagery can make the mundane magical. Effective imagery simplifies and identifies. It helps you understand what you are doing and how much effort you should use doing it. For example, pulling a deep-rooted weed would vary greatly from picking up a feather. Essentrics® utilizes imagery to efficiently and effectively communicate movements and techniques in a  creative way.

Essentrics® movements mimic everyday life and are widely accepted as the safest most effective way to train the human body. These non-stop flowing movements feel good while you are doing them. All muscles are trained to do equal work so that no imbalances occur. The result is balanced strength, increased flexibility, and healthy living. Try Essentrics® with your family!

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Go Red! Get Fit!

Join the GO RED for Women movement. GO RED is more than a color, a slogan, or a campaign.  According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, taking more lives than all forms of cancer combined. One in three women die of heart disease and stroke each year. GO RED is a call to action for women to take control of their health.

The American Heart Association uses the phrase GO RED as an acronym, meaning:

G: Get your numbers – ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

O: Own your lifestyle – Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy. It’s up to you. No one can do it for you.

R: Realize your risk – We think it won’t happen to us, but heart disease kills one of three women.

E: Educate your family – Make healthy food choices for you and your family.

D: Don’t be silent – Tell every woman you know that heart disease is our No. 1 killer.

#GoRedGetFit, is the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women initiative to provide a motivating and supportive environment for women who want to be healthy and fit for life. Essentrics® can help you achieve those goals.

Stay healthy and fit for life with Essentrics®! In every aspect of Essentrics® health and fitness are being addressed through specific techniques and movements. Through deep muscular pumping techniques, Essentrics® eases the workload of the heart by involving the full musculature of the body in the work of circulation. Essentrics® helps to prevent hardening of the arteries with dynamic full body strengthening and stretching exercises that actually strengthen and stretch artery walls and increase their elasticity. It is a zero-impact aerobic program that stimulates blood flow, delivering life-giving nutrients while removing waste products. It helps keep the cells of the body replenished and revitalized, full of oxygen, and providing us with energy. Go Red! Get Fit with Essentrics®!

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Be the best you can be! Kickstart your journey to a healthier, more fit, pain-free you! Participate in the Essentrics Annual Health Challenge! No need to sign up. Just do it! You will be glad! Learn more at essentrics.com


Seated Trapeze-Bar

Pull up! The Essentrics Seated Trapeze-Bar Sequence develops endurance and flexibility in the core muscles of the body. The force of gravity is constantly pulling us downward but we can train our muscles to resist gravity. One of the simplest and most effective ways to counter the force of gravity, and prevent shrinking and sagging, is to equally engage all the muscles around your spine to pull upward. The constant pulling up in the Seated Trapeze-Bar simultaneously strengthens and lengthens all the spinal muscles, small and large, as we seamlessly shift from one movement to the next. This Essentrics Sequence helps prevent back pain, slenderize your waist, decompress your joints, increase your energy, and open space for your spine, your heart, and all of your organs to function optimally. When all your spinal muscles are equally lengthened and strengthened they work in harmony together helping you stay healthy, vibrant, and pain-free. Look good, feel great with Essentrics!

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Move freely with comfort and ease with Essentrics® Arching the Back Sequence! Movement is essential to maintaining a strong flexible spine. This sequence is an excellent series of movements designed to safely and effectively strengthen and lengthen all the muscles large and small that work in concert to keep the spine in healthy alignment. Arching the Back pulls your spine upward, creating space while lengthening and lifting. Exercises that extend the spine strengthen the muscles that support the spine, especially the back muscles, and they help lengthen the muscles along the front of your torso and pelvis. Essentrics® Arching the Back Sequence works systematically through the entire spine stimulating circulation, improving flexibility, strengthening core muscles, stabilizing the torso, facilitating better breathing capacity, and opening space for all the organs. Regular practice of this Essentrics® Sequence is one of the safest and most effective ways to develop and maintain a healthy spine, prevent backaches, increase vitality, improve mental clarity, reduce tension, and enjoy everyday activities.

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Airplane Sequence! The arms are the wings of an airplane, when one drops down the other raises upward. This Essentrics Signature Sequence uses fluid rotation of the spine to liberate and strengthen the core muscles of the body. The arms are used as levers to rebalance the full musculature of the spine relieving back pain, improving posture, toning the waist, and increasing speed and power in movement.

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Essentrics Signature Plies* are excellent for weight loss, increasing energy, toning  hips and thighs, and healing and pain relief. They are one of the most phenomenal Essentrics exercises for helping you develop long lean, energizing, calorie burning muscles that will make you look good and feel great. Essentrics Signature Plies* strengthen the muscles in a lengthened position, relieving pressure from tight jammed joints, liberating hips and knees, and providing instant and lasting pain relief. These exercises are very popular with a large range of people from suffers of arthritis to high performance athletes to anyone who wants to tone and firm their hips and thighs. Experience the phenomenal benefits of Essentrics Signature Plies*! Sign up for a class today! Contact Essentrics With Karen to learn more.

*See videos about ESSENTRICS® SIGNATURE EXERCISES at essentrics.com

Shoulder Blast ANIMATION


Essentrics Trademark Shoulder Blast Sequence can be done anywhere, even in a Smoky Mountain river. This sequence of movements uses a rapid release of energy to immediately begin to open the shoulders and rebalance the upper back. Shoulder Blast helps you improve your posture, restore your freedom of movement and eliminate pain. It is everyone’s favorite Essentrics feel good exercise no matter what their age or level of fitness. Get results you can see and feel with Essentrics!

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*See videos about ESSENTRICS® TRADEMARK SEQUENCES at essentrics.com


May 2018 Swan Side-view Outside

Break free! Liberate your spine with Essentrics! Your spine is designed to be strong and flexible, to compress and expand. To keep it healthy, regular movement through your spine’s full range of motion is essential. The fluid movements of the Essentrics® Trademark Open Chest Swan Sequence (pictured here) help you develop a strong and flexible spinal column. This feel-good sequence will give you an amazing feeling of liberation, and rapidly release tension and pain in your back, neck and shoulders. Contact Essentrics With Karen to learn more.

*See videos about ESSENTRICS® TRADEMARK SEQUENCES at essentrics.com



Essentrics Signature Side Leg Lifts are some of my favorite Essentrics exercises because they have helped liberate me from chronic hip pain. Essentrics Signature Side Leg Lifts strengthen the muscles in an elongated position. They target the hips and thighs but also strengthen the entire leg as well as the core. Stretching while strengthening decompresses your hips relieving pain and promoting healing. These exercises are very popular with a large range of people from suffers of arthritis to high performance athletes to anyone who wants to tone and firm their hips and thighs. Essentrics Signature Side Leg Lifts give you results you can see and feel.* Contact Essentrics With Karen to learn more.

*See videos about ESSENTRICS® SIGNATURE EXERCISES at essentrics.com


Essentrics Trademark Windmills Sequences helped set me free from shoulder pain and immobility. This flowing Essentrics Trademark sequence simultaneously rotates the arms in large circles like the blades of a windmill moving in harmony one with the other. These large full body movements  are very effective for gently stretching and strengthening all the large and small muscles of the torso. Windmills decompress, liberate, and lubricate the spine, the shoulders and the hips, improving posture, increasing freedom of movement, rebalancing strength, and relieving pain. Beneficial for anyone of any age at any level of fitness.* Contact Essentrics With Karen to learn more.

*See videos about ESSENTRICS TRADEMARK SEQUENCES at essentrics.com

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