True Pioneers

Dynamic Duo

Miranda and Sahra Esmonde-White, co-founders of Essentrics®, are true pioneers in the fitness industry. These lovely and incredibly talented health experts have developed a superb Teacher Training Program which provides you with the education and support you need to succeed as an Essentrics® instructor – no matter your background or experience. This program is safe, effective and fun for women and men of all ages and fitness levels.

Essentrics® was inspired by the need for a fitness workout that could tone and shape the body while simultaneously healing and freeing it from pain. Most strengthening workouts leave your joints feeling tight—those over-contracted, tight muscles can lead to injury and premature aging. Essentrics® is different—it lengthens and strengthens simultaneously using only the body as a weight: the result is balanced strength and flexibility. The whole body working together in harmony helps you move freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, with energy and vigor for life.

The Essentrics® Instructor Certification Program offers a comprehensive, interactive and unique distance learning program. Complete your training from home, with the flexibility to schedule your studying and workouts around your lifestyle. Using a multitude of teaching platforms, including manuals, DVD’s, pre-choreographed workouts and extensive on-line support, this program offers everything you need to know to succeed. Apprentice teaching, practical and theoretical tests, evaluations and a vibrant online community will all help you develop a solid career as an Essentrics® Certified Instructor. Learn more at

A Magnificent Marvel

The spine, a magnificent marvel! It is made up of a series of bones that are stacked like blocks on top of each other with cushions called discs in between. It is a complex system whose overall function is to support, protect and mobilize. Your spine provides support for your whole body, protects your nerves, and allows you to bend, lift, twist, turn and reach in many different ways. To maintain a healthy spine the vertebrae must be strong and well aligned and the dics must be supple and resilient.

Essentrics® uses specific techniques to unlock and create space in the spine to safely and effectively align the vertebrae, increase circulation, and enhance range of motion. Pulling Up is an Essentrics® technique that simultaneously lengthens and strengthens the musculature of the spine. All the muscles of the spine, from the smallest to the largest, are engaged. Elongating the spine throughout the Essentrics® workout, lengthens the spine while strengthening the muscles, this decompresses the vertebrae, reverses spine shrinkage, relieves pain and prevents injury.

Your spine was designed to stay strong, mobile, and pain-free for the full duration of your life. Essentrics® sequential exercise progressions follow the body’s natural flow in sync with how the body was designed to move. These movements mimic everyday life and are widely accepted as the safest most effective way to train the human body. All muscles are trained to do equal work so that no imbalances occur allowing all our muscles, bones and joints to work as they should. The result is balanced strength, increased flexibility, and pain-free living. Keep your spine healthy, move with ease, and enjoy vitality that lasts a lifetime with Essentrics!

Designed to Move

You are designed to move! Twist and twirl, dance and play! Move your body every which way! Essentrics® is based on techniques that work to enhance the natural movements of your body. A valuable anti-aging benefit of Essentrics is that it frees your joints—relieving pressure, enhancing glide, and protecting them from injury. Essentrics® will help you keep your joints healthy so you can do all the things you like to do with ease.

Essentrics® full-body rebalancing program sequentially flows through the entire musculoskeletal system helping you remain healthy and fully mobile. Muscles are lengthened while they are being strengthened, which pulls the joints apart and decompresses them. This is why Essentrics® is known to alleviate joint pain and prevent injuries. Essentrics® uses specific techniques to unlock and create space in the joints to safely and effectively increase circulation, enhance range of motion, improve coordination, and enable freedom of movement.

The organic nature of the Essentrics® program helps you safely and effectively restore and maintain a balanced musculoskeletal system. It offers long-lasting benefits to the average person, the sedentary, performance athletes, and also those in need of healing.  The whole body working together in harmony helps you move freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, in sync with how the body was designed to move. Twist and twirl, dance and play. Enjoy moving every day with Essentrics®.

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Break Free!

Break free from chronic stress with Essentrics®! I’ve been in the fitness industry for over twenty years and I’ve seen for myself how hard-core training regimens can actually harm the body and cause rapid aging. Overtraining causes intense stress. In time the brain literally forgets how to completely relax the body. Chronic stress can lead to inflammation, digestive issues, insomnia, and mood changes. Continually contracted muscles waste energy, raise your blood pressure, reduce blood flow, and impede the normal function of vital organs. A stressed body is not youthful or vibrant.

Essentrics® deliberate relaxed movements allow you to move with ease, coordination, and total freedom. Relaxing while moving your body has powerful healing benefits. Essentrics® emphasis on releasing tension while performing whole-body movements allows you to unlock long-standing knots, empower muscles, and rebuild mobility into stiffened joints. Specific neuromuscular techniques are used to release tension and liberate tight muscles everywhere in your body. The Essentrics® program relieves stress, improves circulation, aids in digestion, and boosts your overall mood.

Push Pull #7

Each Essentrics® class is specifically designed to engage your brain, and to release and rebalance the entire body to restore harmony throughout. This is one of the major reasons Essentrics® is so beneficial for your physical health, and your mental well-being. The more you relax the more capable you will be of bending, twisting, turning and reaching, and the more youthful you will feel and the more vibrant you will become. Break free from chronic stress. Release tension, rebalance strength and flexibility, and restore harmony throughout your body with Essentrics®.


Learn more in the book “Aging Backwards: Fast Track” by Miranda Esmonde-White.




Eureka! Discovering Essentrics® is like hitting the jackpot. Almost immediately you begin to notice the healing and age-reversing benefits. Then, as you start to learn what sets Essentrics® apart from other fitness programs, you realize how and why Essentrics® is like magic. The secret lies in the scientifically designed movements that reboot the musculoskeletal system and enhance the health of every other system in the body.

Training the muscles to be equally flexible as they are strong is a basic tenant of the Essentrics® workout and is what sets it apart from almost every other fitness program. It is based on techniques that work to enhance the natural movements of the body. By constantly moving, in each Essentrics® workout, you strengthen your muscles in a lengthened position. Gently lengthening the muscle as far as possible before moving onto another muscle group strengthens all the muscles small and large. Essentrics® active stretching safely and effectively increases circulation, enhances range of motion, and improves coordination.

Essentrics® helps maintain a healthy and fully mobile body that feels lighter, moves faster, and remains pain-free. The Essentrics® techniques used throughout every Essentrics® workout offers long-lasting benefits to the average person, the sedentary, performance athletes, and also those in need of healing. Endurance and power can be achieved simultaneously while gaining long, lean muscles and perfect posture—all without causing injury to the body, therefore able to help you be fit and healthy throughout your life. Discover what Essentrics® can do for you.