ESSENTRICS is a completely original program that gently changes your body through a fluid combination of lengthening and strengthening. ESSENTRICS unique movements and techniques tone the body from head to toe, while also releasing tension and relieving the aches and pains that often come with stiff joints and tight muscles. This program can help restore energy, strength, and mobility to the most sedentary, and also relieve tension, improve range of motion, and prevent injuries for individuals who are active and fully mobile. Each workout is scientifically designed to release and rebalance the entire body while developing lean, strong and flexible muscles.


  • Reflects the natural circular movements of the body releasing tension
  • Equally engages the entire body rebalancing all the muscles and joints
  • Simultaneously lengthens and strengthens restoring freedom of movement
  • Every muscle recruited every session using no weights and no impact
  • Sequentially designed exercise progressions offer safe effective workouts

ESSENTRICS® Can Benefit Every Body

  • Every body seeking a safe effective exercise program
  • People with chronic pain, joint stiffness and/or limited mobility
  • Anyone who wants to optimize their exercise time
  • Deskbound individuals who want to improve or maintain good posture
  • Active, healthy and fully mobile individuals
  • Sedentary people or those who have not exercised for a period of time
  • Golfers, swimmers, bowlers, tennis players, basketball players, etc.
  • Aging adults who want to prevent weight gain, stiff joints and/or bone loss
  • Seasoned exercisers who are looking for a new way to stay fit
  • Amateur, Olympic and professional athletes
  • Everyone who wants to live a longer, healthier, happier life

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