Designed to Move

You are designed to move! Twist and twirl, dance and play! Move your body every which way! Essentrics® is based on techniques that work to enhance the natural movements of your body. A valuable anti-aging benefit of Essentrics is that it frees your joints—relieving pressure, enhancing glide, and protecting them from injury. Essentrics® will help you keep your joints healthy so you can do all the things you like to do with ease.

Essentrics® full-body rebalancing program sequentially flows through the entire musculoskeletal system helping you remain healthy and fully mobile. Muscles are lengthened while they are being strengthened, which pulls the joints apart and decompresses them. This is why Essentrics® is known to alleviate joint pain and prevent injuries. Essentrics® uses specific techniques to unlock and create space in the joints to safely and effectively increase circulation, enhance range of motion, improve coordination, and enable freedom of movement.

The organic nature of the Essentrics® program helps you safely and effectively restore and maintain a balanced musculoskeletal system. It offers long-lasting benefits to the average person, the sedentary, performance athletes, and also those in need of healing.  The whole body working together in harmony helps you move freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, in sync with how the body was designed to move. Twist and twirl, dance and play. Enjoy moving every day with Essentrics®.

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