Break Free!

Break free from chronic stress with Essentrics®! I’ve been in the fitness industry for over twenty years and I’ve seen for myself how hard-core training regimens can actually harm the body and cause rapid aging. Overtraining causes intense stress. In time the brain literally forgets how to completely relax the body. Chronic stress can lead to inflammation, digestive issues, insomnia, and mood changes. Continually contracted muscles waste energy, raise your blood pressure, reduce blood flow, and impede the normal function of vital organs. A stressed body is not youthful or vibrant.

Essentrics® deliberate relaxed movements allow you to move with ease, coordination, and total freedom. Relaxing while moving your body has powerful healing benefits. Essentrics® emphasis on releasing tension while performing whole-body movements allows you to unlock long-standing knots, empower muscles, and rebuild mobility into stiffened joints. Specific neuromuscular techniques are used to release tension and liberate tight muscles everywhere in your body. The Essentrics® program relieves stress, improves circulation, aids in digestion, and boosts your overall mood.

Push Pull #7

Each Essentrics® class is specifically designed to engage your brain, and to release and rebalance the entire body to restore harmony throughout. This is one of the major reasons Essentrics® is so beneficial for your physical health, and your mental well-being. The more you relax the more capable you will be of bending, twisting, turning and reaching, and the more youthful you will feel and the more vibrant you will become. Break free from chronic stress. Release tension, rebalance strength and flexibility, and restore harmony throughout your body with Essentrics®.


Learn more in the book “Aging Backwards: Fast Track” by Miranda Esmonde-White.


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