Move Freely!

Move freely! Keep your fascia gliding with Essentrics®! Fascia is an interconnected web of tissue that surrounds everything from microscopic cells to entire muscle groups. Every part of your body big and small is surrounded by sheets of fascia. Large sheets of fascia help support your muscles and bones and act as stabilizers to maintain your balance. It is critical to retain mobility and hydration in your fascia if you want to stay feeling vibrant throughout your life.

Between the many layers of fascia is a fluid that lubricates the layers, permitting a sliding action to occur. When our fascia is gliding properly we have improved sensory awareness and coordination and experience fewer accidents and injuries. Movement encourages the lubrication fluid to flow and helps maintain the hydration and glide of the fascia. A lack of activity causes the fluid to slowly congeal and harden, resulting in stiffness, immobility and pain.

Essentrics® gentle full-body movements help restore hydration and glide to all the many layers of fascia. In each Essentrics® workout, you will twist, turn, stretch, wiggle and rotate to help you keep your fascia nourished and supple. The whole body working together in harmony helps you glide freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, in sync with how the body was designed to move. Maintain your ease of movement, keep your fascia gliding, and enjoy vitality that lasts a lifetime with Essentrics!

Contact Essentrics with Karen today!

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