Restore Vigor and Vitality!


Essentrics Aging Backwards has restored my fitness career, and I am happy to say I am enjoying it more now than ever! Restore your vigor and vitality!  Age backwards with Essentrics®! To turn back the clock you must keep your musculoskeletal system vibrant and healthy. A healthy musculoskeletal system protects and enhances the health of every other system in the body. Essentrics® emphasis on releasing tension while performing whole-body movements allows you to reawaken brain cells, replenish tissues, restore joint health, rebuild lost strength, revive energy, and remain sustainably pain-free.

Each Essentrics® class is specifically designed to engage your brain, and to release and rebalance the entire body to restore harmony throughout. Working in a relaxed mode you will move through the Essentrics® sequences with comfort and ease. The more you relax the more capable you will be of bending, twisting, turning and reaching, and the stronger you will become and the younger you will feel.

Essentrics® full body workouts directly stimulate the circulatory, respiratory, neurological, and gastrointestinal systems improving overall health and general well-being. The organic nature of the Essentrics® program helps you safely and effectively restore and maintain a balanced musculoskeletal system. The whole body working together in harmony helps you move freely uninhibited by pain and stiffness, in sync with how the body was designed to move. Restore vigor and vitality! Age backwards with Essentrics®!

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