Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, a useful tool for one and all. The mirrors in the soon to open, newly renovated, Essentrics® with Karen In-home Studio are fabulous! A mirror is a great tool to help you maximize the benefits of your Essentrics® workout. Good technique is essential in Essentrics®. A mirror provides immediate help for you to assess your form. It hones your body awareness which is advantageous for doing the Essentrics® movements to the best of your ability. A mirror allows you to see what you need to adjust in your body so you can get the most out of your Essentrics® workout.

Mirrors as tools

Essentrics® is a full-body workout with flowing movements that improve your strength and mobility simultaneously. Watching yourself in the mirror can help you learn many things about your body. It is not just for the beginner level, you can continue to use the mirror to check your form at any skill level. You might think that you are doing an Essentrics® movement correctly but when you check your reflection, you realize you could improve it, or take it a bit further.  Whether a novice or a Master Trainer, the mirror is a great ally when it comes to fully experiencing the many wonderful benefits of Essentrics®. Learn more about what Essentrics® can do for you. Contact Essentrics with Karen today!

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