The Powerhouse

The ankle! The powerhouse that supports the full weight of the entire body. We need strength and mobility in our ankles to move freely with power and ease. When the ankles become tight they restrict the movement of the feet and the legs—inevitably leading to muscle weakness and immobility throughout the whole body.

Stiff ankles cause a negative chain reaction producing muscular imbalances, poor posture, and chronic aches and pains. The result is instability, inhibited movement, and a rapid feeling of aging. The solution is simple: gently increase the strength and mobility of the ankles.

Essentrics unique approach to full-body mobility includes exercises scientifically designed to improve the strength and flexibility of the ankles. This creates a positive chain reaction right up the legs into the knees, hips and spine, relieving stiffness and increasing freedom of movement. Every Essentrics workout incorporates equal amounts of strengthening and lengthening from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Rebalancing the entire muscular structure simultaneously keeps us pain-free, fully mobile and feeling young.

Get results you can see and feel. Start aging backwards with Essentrics!

Contact ESSENTRICS® with Karen today!

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