Toes: Small But Mighty

Feet on floor

Toes! Small but mighty. The 14 bones of the toes are among the smallest, and yet, they help support the entire weight of the human body. Toes provide stability, agility and power. One of the major muscle chains of our bodies begins with the toes and goes all the way up to the neck.  When the toes function poorly, the whole body can be adversely affected.

Maintaining healthy mobile toes will help your knees, hips and back to stay healthy, mobile and pain-free.  They will also help you to be able to balance, to hold your shifting weight through hundreds of varied movements, and to meet the ground with ease and enthusiasm. If we exercise our entire body from the tips of the toes to the top of the head, with an equal emphasis on strength and flexibility, we can enjoy vitality that lasts a lifetime.

Essentrics workouts are scientifically designed to release and rebalance the whole body while developing lean, strong and flexible muscles. Essentrics full-body movements, strengthen your muscles, decompresses your joints, give you tremendous energy and reconnect you with the joyful pleasure of movement.

Stay on your toes! Be joyful, vibrant and healthy with ESSENTRICS!  Contact Essentrics With Karen today!

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