Aging Backwards

Aging backwards? What!? Yes, it is possible to reverse aging. ESSENTRICS Aging Backwards offers an exciting and comprehensive plan for actively slowing down or even reversing the aging process through gentle exercise that develops strong, flexible muscles. This program can help restore energy, strength, and mobility to the most sedentary, and also relieve tension, improve range of motion, and prevent injuries for individuals who are active and fully mobile.

Barre Windmill

Your body was designed to stay strong, mobile, and pain-free for the full duration of your life. The best approach is to do a variety of movements to engage all of your muscles every time you exercise. The ESSENTRICS method helps you maximize your exercise time by helping you  release tight muscles, rebalance joints and restore freedom of movement simultaneously. If we exercise our entire body with an equal emphasis on strength and flexibility we can enjoy vitality that lasts a lifetime.

ESSENTRICS not only reconnects you with your body’s innate strength and grace on a daily basis but also reconnects you with the joyful pleasure of movement in every aspect of your life, smoothing and firming your skin, putting pep in your step, and bringing a sparkle back into your eyes.  Each workout is scientifically designed to release and rebalance the entire body while developing lean, strong and flexible muscles. Get results you can see and feel! Start aging backwards with ESSENTRICS!

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