Better Posture Better You!

Posture Dots

Good posture is essential for optimal health. Better posture is a better you. Simply put good posture is a balanced body. It is a balance of strength and flexibility. We need to have this balance whether we are sitting, standing or moving throughout our daily lives.

 Your posture affects your entire being, including the cardiovascular, neurological, digestive and musculoskeletal systems. The torso has hundreds of muscles that run in every direction. These muscles are designed to work in harmony together. Therefore to achieve and maintain good posture, we have to do exercises that keep these muscles strong and flexible.

 ESSENTRICS improves posture. The first benefit from ESSENTRICS every one of my students notices is improved posture. The full body movements of ESSENTRICS simultaneously stretch and strengthen all the muscles of the torso. When the torso muscles are equally strong and flexible, maintaining good posture is natural and easy. Get results you can see and feel! Improve your posture with ESSENTRICS!

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