Strength for life!


Your strength directly affects the quality of your life. Strong muscles are essential in remaining healthy, giving us energy and vitality, and enjoying every day activities. It is strength that gives us stamina and power to accomplish all the things we want to do. Essentrics is the ultimate dynamic strength-training program scientifically sequenced to rebalance every muscle in the body.

All movement requires some degree of strength. In Essentrics, you are always in motion strengthening the muscles with the resistance generated by your own body. When your body is in constant motion the muscles never have a chance to seize up and compress. Essentrics is specifically designed to maximize the benefits of continually strengthening while stretching, thereby lengthening the muscles, decompressing the joints and eliminating pain.

Essentrics full-body movements mimic daily life, strengthen your muscles, decompresses your joints, protect your body against disease, and give you tremendous energy. Whether you are a 40-year-old working parent needing a quick workout, a 50-year-old executive who needs to de-stress, or a 65-year-old who is looking for new ways to stay fit, Essentrics will help you look and feel stronger, healthier, and happier.


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