Essentrics: Healing Movements

May 2018 Emrace 1 Outside

Essentrics: Healing Movements

We are no longer required to move to the extent we once were, it is therefore vital for us to consciously create opportunities for full-body movement. If we don’t, we risk overusing some parts of our bodies while barley using other parts. Over time, these imbalances translate into hip, shoulder, back, and foot pain. The only way to keep your entire body strong, flexible, and pain-free is to engage every part of it on a regular basis.

Essentrics gentle, pain-free movements are healing movements. If you are suffering from chronic pain, the only road to a pain-free body is correct, gentle, full body rebalancing exercises. There is no pill you can take, no surgery you can undergo, and no amount of massage, hot baths, or passive treatments that will get rid of imbalanced muscles.

Essentrics focuses on full-body rebalancing exercises. These movements mimic everyday life and are widely accepted as the safest most effective way to train the human body. All muscles are trained to do equal work so that no imbalances occur allowing all our muscles, bones and joints to work as they should. The result for us is balanced strength, freedom of movement, and pain-free living.

Learn how Essentrics healing movements can help you. Contact me today!

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