FREEDOM! That’s why I teach ESSENTRICS. Freedom from frozen shoulder, freedom from hip pain, and freedom from knee pain. I had a shoulder injury that left me with chronic pain and limited movement for over two years. My hips ached constantly, and I had a Baker’s cyst behind my left knee. I tried every type of treatment available. The final consensus was that I was doing too much. I was told that I should do less and rest more. That did not help and left me feeling frumpy and fatigued.

Then a friend suggested I try “Aging Backwards” with Miranda Esmonde-White. So I did. After only a few weeks my shoulder was liberated and I was completely pain-free. I knew so many people who needed “Aging Backwards”. I decided to see if there was a training program available. That Is when I found ESSENTRICS.  The ESSENTRICS program is the umbrella under which “Aging Backwards” falls. So I signed up for the ESSENTRICS Level 1 Teacher Training program and began my journey from feeling frumpy and fatigued to feeling fit and fabulous. ESSENTRICS has changed my life!

I want others to experience the freedom ESSENTRICS has to offer. No matter if you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, a casual walker, or even if you’ve never been active a day in your life, the same program works for everyone. If we exercise our bodies with an equal emphasis on strength and flexibility, we can continue to move freely, uninhibited by pain and stiffness, with energy and vigor for life. You can protect and enahnce your lifestyle, your brain and your health with ESSENTRICS. To get started, contact me today!

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